Colorado Destinations Map

Materials: Micron

Completed: November 2016

Size: 24" x 18"

Maps are, first and foremost, about traveling. This map of Colorado exemplifies that point, as it features five of the most interesting places to visit in the state. In the Northwest, there is Dinosaur, a town near a famous dinosaur dig site where all of the streets are named after species of dinosaurs. In the Rockies, there is Vale and Aspen, perhaps the most famous ski resorts in the country. East of there, just outside of Denver, is the Red Rock Amphitheater, a concert venue situated town large rock formations. South of there, near Colorado Springs and sitting at the base of Pike’s Peak, is the Garden of the Gods. And finally, in the very Southwest corner of the state, is the Pueblo town of Mesa Verde. As my first illustrated map, this project gave me my first taste of what would eventually become my passion.